Name (yoz) wrote,

A survey of last-minute panic

There are less than 8 hours left until our MASLab robot is impounded.

Our code is incomplete, woefully incomplete. (Fortunately, our mechanical construction *is*, for it is woeful to be left with that to finish on the last day.) We'll probably do all right but fail horribly, somehow at the same time. That is why we must code.

Here I am, on less sleep than normal (awakened by Mass Ave traffic), and filled with last-minute calm. It's interesting how last-minute panic is transformed into an ideal state for working on things without screwing them up. Am I worried? Mu. Am I confident? Mu. Am I silly? Mu. Am I insane? Mu. Do I have the Buddha-nature? Mu. These questions mean nothing, now. There are some other, more important questions floating around, but I really won't deal with them until after tomorrow.

To reveal a possible underlying pun in the previous paragraph, come to the MASLab competition, this Friday, at 5 pm in 26-100. "Now infinitely better than Mock Contest 2!" for most of the teams... I hope.
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