Name (yoz) wrote,

Department of Memetics

Time to impose an arbitrary order on a world of chaos and memes.

What follows is a list of some number of things I have done, but which you have not done with high probability (meaning probability 1-n-c for arbitrary c, where c is like the item number). It would be much easier to get a list of things I haven't done, but which you have done with high probability.

  1. Been punished for making a rude gesture at a teacher by not being allowed to attend a field trip.
  2. Got a trojan horse from downloading the dnetc client.
  3. Caused a zephyr conversation on a normally zcrypted class to become unencrypted.
  4. Lit fireworks at the grave of my great-grandmother.
  5. Decided to make cornbread instead of going to sleep.
  6. Skipped first grade and flunked out of second grade.
  7. Been a vegetarian for exactly one month.
  8. Set off a fire alarm in failing to cook carrots and asparagus.
  9. Forgotten what I claimed was my favorite book on stage in front of an audience.
  10. Ran from campus police across rooftops in broad daylight.
  11. Forged a metal Möbius strip.
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