Name (yoz) wrote,

So what if it doesn't make any sense?

Somewhere along the line, I came across the mistaken belief that there is value in sanity. It apppears to conflict with a more traditional mistaken belief of mine, namely, that there is value in insanity. But the rationalist discards one belief, within reason, of course. The existentialist angsts for a while and concludes that life is unwinnable. The chronically sleep-deprived chooses sanity. The crack monkey chooses insanity. The bitter-and-jaded chooses neither. The LISP programmer (who knows the value of everything and the cost of nothing) chooses both. The Daoist doesn't choose. The Zen Buddhist doesn't care. The lazy doesn't care either. The extremely lazy doesn't notice.

Has anyone assembled a crack monkey team? It sounds like the sort of thing producible at the Institvte. Is it a crack team of monkeys or a team of crack monkeys?

This isn't an April Fool's joke. I think the world would be much more chaotic and enjoyable to live in if people unrestrainedly did that sort of thing more irregularly and thus more surprisingly; people would have no choice but to become less serious. People also tend to be more creative when freed from societal restrictions and norms (but when they're still operating within the bounds of society which are slightly changed for yesterday, are they really free?), and creativity grows like a snowball, strikes like a hammer, and nourishes like soy.
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