Name (yoz) wrote,

Story of dream of story

A very strange dream indeed.

People were reading stories out of books. Never mind the sheer weirdness of my dreams speaking with other people's voices. I read mine out of a Calvin and Hobbes book. It was a large, colorful, two-page strip, and thus one that can't actually exist. The backgrounds of panels were large solid bright greens and yellows and blues and magentas. Pages were oriented with the vertical dimension larger than the horizontal.

The first page was divided into two sections vertically. In the smaller upper section, with several rectangular panels, Hobbes (stuffed-animal style, not actual-animal style) crawls out of a mousehole and Calvin pokes him through with pins. In the bottom section, a squarish region, the accepted boundaries of comic strips are twisted into ghastly abominations! First off, the panels aren't rectangular, but instead their boundaries are radial lines, emanating from the lower left corner. The panels here seemed to consist of one character, kind of a Calvin-and-Hobbes fusion, sometimes appearing as Calvin and sometimes as Hobbes, standing in the lower left corner, with an absurdly long neck, and with head appearing at the top or right of the square.

The second page was more disturbing. I don't remember it as a complete page, but Calvin was muttering something about how the good things one can appreciate only get smaller (that is, in size, not in number).
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