Name (yoz) wrote,

Absurdity ; metagaming

In a bizarre dream, I was in a skit to advertise some kind of student group registration form for the ASA. It concluded with me analogizing using the form to making pancakes taste better, then wrapping a pancake in the paper copy of the form in my hand and eating the pancake, paper and all.

In a bizarre non-dream, I imagined a version of the game Oregon Trail---call it Oregon Trail Online---in which the game would meta-game for you: one play of the game would affect later plays. For example, if you kept hunting buffalo to excess, eventually the buffalo population would drop, and several games down the line you'd have a hard time surviving on buffalo meat. And there would be a nice negative feedback loop controlling prices of supplies at Independence, Missouri, keeping the number of concurrent players sane. In an online version, to keep the game simple, you wouldn't need to have any direct interaction between players, except for NetHack-style "bones files" which might be generated if your party died, to be rediscovered by future wagon trains. The state of the online Lousiana Purchase would probably start with a lot of people buffalo-hunting until it became quite difficult to survive on any but bare-bones rations, and most games would end in death by starvation. Later on, of course, the survival rate would pick up again, as in the course of foraging, not hunting, trailblazers would find an abundance of "mystery meat"...
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