Name (yoz) wrote,

Two advisors are like two Archimedes screws

It took me nearly 2 hours to complete registration and other useful stuff, which consisted of finding my course 18 advisor and having him sign my registration form and getting him and my course 6 advisor to both sign my petition to add course 6 as a second major, respectively. This was mostly because the aforementioned advisors were either busy or impossible to find.

My course 6 advisor, Madhu Sudan, actually had a lot of interesting advice about research and theory and practice. Something I hadn't thought about: you can "get your foot in the door" of research by working on extra open problems brought up in class and discussing them with the professor. It's a different kind of research experience than UROP, which he implied was more on the applied end of things (which I agree with for the most part) and undoubtedly would require a time investment. There was more to it that I don't remember at the moment.

Mostly, I'm afraid that these wisdoms will slip out of my consciousness, which is why I journal them. But isn't this the whole purpose of writing? The hope that the medium which preserves your thoughts will outlive or outperform the storytellers of oral tradition?
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