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Thoughts on sleep-dep / Choose your own adventure

Sleep deprivation seems to distort thinking in many strange ways. In my usual talking to myself, on three hours of sleep I noticed a lot more existentialist uncertainty, questioning the worth of living life. A general sluggishness of thought and movement was also clear to my otherwise muddled brain. People should get more sleep generally so they don't have to put up with this kind of stuff coming from themselves.

Context switch!

If you are familiar with recent events covered by The Tech, I recommend you visit the Stata chalkboards. After my final class before spring break, I had some free time, so I went to check mail and was inspired to write monstrous blocks of text on 2 of the equally monstrous chalkboards. I was glad to see that many passersby were amused; visit the Stata chalkboards, and you can be too. Here is a sample (not verbatim because I don't remember exactly, but pretty close):

You are the dean in charge of students at a university whose students have a unique residence selection system, are highly involved in student activities, and care more about student life than any casual observer would guess.

You are considering a change involving no longer subsidizing dormitories, meaning students will have to pay for services, such as landline phones, that were previously covered by rent, or face higher rents. Do you:

[a] hold a forum, inviting students to express their opinions?
[b] discuss it with student government leaders?
[c] deny rumors that the change is being planned upon inquiry from the student newspaper?
[d] meet in secret with other administrators, conveniently leaving out any student input, for 18 months?
[e] c & d?

The other one is about ops.

I think I know what to write for Voo Doo now.
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