Name (yoz) wrote,

Update conspiracy!

shadow and badoingdoing and I pined perilously over our paucity of postings to possibly public pages (per predestined perception of previous preternatural hosage). THE END IS NEAR, read the sandwich board of an unsuspecting self. Thus, we conspired to update our Livejournals. Whee! (I wonder if they forgot.)

Yet I find myself undone. One more exam (don't call it a final, it's just quiz 3) flutters by, like the moths that are inexplicably drawn to the light emanating from my ceiling, and I try to ignore it for now, knowing I will inexorably be drawn into confrontation with it. Meetings with the pillars and the pilloried descend from the heavens like the occasional raindrop on my glasses, and I eventually smudge them out of existence. But most terrifying is the packing of my belongings and moving of them to another land, over the railing and through the walls, and the condensation of Pecker floor's community into right parallelepiped form factors. Nowhere else is TE's commentary on perspiration more applicable.

I also have gainful employment for the summer! I'm doing a UROP in CSAIL/CEE (course 1) developing software and other "interesting" stuff for an introductory lab course on electronics, microcontrollers, sensors, and wireless networks for course 1 sophomores with no prior knowledge. (This is accursedly late, by the way -- don't ever wait this long to figure out what you're doing. Finals week is *not* the best time for it.)

Also, don't tell anyone else, but I repotted my spider plant today. Its roots have funny shapes. It's also growing noticeably, perhaps because I figured out how often I should be watering it. I'd take pictures, except I still haven't replaced my lost camera, which maybe will turn up in my packing. Oddly, I find myself caring for it more so than for anything else in recent memory.

I think that's all for now. Don't let the Heisenbugs bite.
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