Name (yoz) wrote,

I feel like I will accomplish nothing today

Seeking insight into my own motivations, I find an opposition. I find myself inscrutably opposed to seeing resources go to waste.

What resource can be more valuable than time?

This should illustrate the dread I feel on a day like today. Surely, I can account for the hour I spent boffing on the roofdeck in pleasant weather, the sun blowing and the wind shining; the seemingly endless grapple with Apache and mod_perl; and the trip to the celestial merchants who gave me, of all things, food. Then there were moments of introspection, followed by the setting down of thoughts without pen or paper.

Seated in front of my computer, time seems to disappear, like so many rings into a NetHack sink. It is the curse of idleness, and though idle I should not be, no urgency rushes in through my door to pound at my skull. And I am still here.

And now-- I logout from the computer before me from the computer at my feet, the bits scurrying through the air and down the backbone into the basement, back up into the telephone closet around the corner, through the walls and the blue cable. I push only the right button (actually, the left button), and I'll force myself to stand. I'll be out of here in no time at all.
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