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The art of bike sheds

Nitpicking is just too easy. Even I do it, and it makes me feel reprehensible.

We had a study break at Random Hall where we had invited some GRT candidates, so the foods had a GRT theme. Not stated explicitly, the foods all started with G, R, or T. It was the most widely criticized study break I had ever seen. You'd think people would show some decency, or perhaps gratitude for the free food, which people had no difficulty consuming, as far as I could tell. Instead, all we got were stupid questions. "Why is there ice cream? That doesn't start with G, R, or T!" Well, ice cream is something most people would eat, always a good attribute for free food, and had they bothered to look carefully, they'd see the flavors were Girl Scout Cookie, Rocky Road, and Triple Chocolate, or something along those lines. Admittedly, we did have cheddar cheese, which was just to complement another food item, but it's astounding to see how much people pretend to care about nitpicky details.

There's a well-worth-reading rant about this phenomenon at

Next I'd like to quote an email from nagle:

Oh Christ. I swear, in every goddamn math class I took here, some genius always cared to share the same blistering insight:

Prof.: "And so, with that final step, our proposition holds to be true..."

Obnoxious Math Kiddie (giddily gibbering): "Nooo! You're wrong!"

Prof.: "Huh?"

O.M.K. (triumphant, standing now): "You forgot to consider if A was the EMPTY set. If A's empty, it doesn't work!! Because there's nothing in the set!!"

Prof.: "Oh yeah...right...well, that case's trivial."

O.M.K. (still standing): *drools*

I'll stop before I start nitpicking at nitpickers' style. That is all.
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